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So life is treating me less shitty as of late, and I like it!
I've actually managed to get some work done; both at work and off work, though I've had to call WoW and Wildstar quits for now (sadface).
Still have the syndrome, won't leave me so easily, but I can live with it.

I have a few things I'll post on DA soon(tm), so stay tuned!
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Some radio station they put on at work
  • Reading: The Lord of the Rings (again)
  • Watching: Fairy Tail Episode 18x-19x
  • Playing: Golden Sun, Walking Dead S2, AC:FC
  • Eating: Just finished lunch. Omnomnom.
  • Drinking: Something fizzy.


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Steven Nolles
'Twas the year 1990, on the 22nd day of November, when a wee lad was born. That wee lad, 'twas I.
"Lo and behold!" Many a person would exclaim, for 'twas a sight to behold. A silent baby, narry a peep, but alive and well, for my stink made my parents weep.
Youth be a cruel mistress as she tortured me on every step, I was autistic I was, narry a friend I made 'cause of it up until highschool, for then I got to go into IT.
Highschool was great and a soothing experience, for I could be myself and lose myself in the fantasies that roamed my great mind. I would program day and night, practise my skill for a complete mastery, when a woman came into my life, beautiful and a sight to behold.
Then came college, a worthy experience, which I narry failed with the chance of succes as thick as a newborn-baby's hair. The latter, speaking of, became my present. Two wee sucklings, a boy and a lass, now bring joy to my life as did my girlfriend's now enlarged.. buttocks.

Work became a reality and I was dragged into the standard drag of the working man; A 9 to 5 job is now my fate, as I silently sit here and wait.
The wee ones grow and become strong, as dad works hard to ensure a great future as was his own.

Sacrifice; You don't give something up, you merely add an obligation because you chose to. And narry does a man choose to sacrifice something if it's all for naught.

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:iconshaykamui: :iconremwaa:


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