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As the title states: I'm on Youtube! After losing my job, and being stuck on my home-course assignments and waiting on responses from my teacher/people on different forums I asked for help, I decided to start my Youtube channel, under the same name as my DevArt page. Want to know what I'm going to post?
Check out my introduction here: [link]
And check out my channel here:…
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So I finally gathered the courage to tell my boss I'm going to be looking for different work. I just feel.. out of place at my current workspace; programming software for logistics isn't my cup of tea, nor is programming in Delphi 2010/XE6.
I have decided to go to night school for web-development. Think HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress and even a PHP-Masterclass to get my Mastersdegree. Meanwhile, I'm going to be working on my Android-course, lay low and let C# and .NET wait, as I am not sure if I can combine home courses and night school, because I get stressed out very quickly (another con of the.. syndrome, I have).
I will also be able to return to writing when I go for a night school, as it means more free time when I'm home.

Wish me luck!
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  • Reading: Game of Thrones , Book 1
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  • Playing: Golden Sun, Metro 2033, Darksiders II, WoW, SWTOR
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Request: Sister-in-law by Zubaja
Request: Sister-in-law
So, my sister-in-law saw my art-trade with SkayKamui some time ago, and requested this pic. It's conciderably smaller than ShayKamui's, but I did a decent job. Still not sure about the face though. Something about the eyes.. are they too small?
Let me know in the comments!
“I want you to stay here.” Dinorella said to the soldiers in her presence. “Someone has to make sure little miss Dominion Spy doesn’t escape.”
The soldiers saluted and guarded the door to their captive’s temporary prison. Meanwhile, Dinorella headed for the intercom and pressed the ‘Engine room’ button.
“Bunsed, come in, Bunsed.”
Static, not even the noise of a battle. He must still be fighting, she thought, Have to check the ship’s interactive map later to make sure. She pressed the ‘Lab’ button and called for Dessemo. A panting apprentice answered the call.
“Hello, captain! We’re a little preoccupied down here, can I take a message?”,
“No, just wanted an update.” Dinorella replied, but gunshots were her answer. “I think I know enough, be careful!”
She released the button. All that was left was to contact Dessek, if he was in the weapon room, and not stalled by something or someone. She tried anyway, but here too she was answered by static. The weapon room wasn’t a necessity, but it would be good to have the weapons prepped and online in the case the Dominion came after her in an escape attempt.
She glanced at the interactive map of her vessel, trying to pinpoint the movement across the ship. The Lab was still assaulted and all 8 occupants, including the Doctor, were still putting up a fight. The engine room was lighting up like crazy and a single green dot notified Bunsed was still alive and kicking, but the weapon room was empty. Dinorella scanned the display, finding green dots in combat across the ship, but a single green dot moving towards the cantina, where the Dominion landed, caught her eye. Please, don’t tell me that’s Dessek! , she thought.
Dinorella quickly turned around and told two soldiers to quickly head for the hallway Dessek was in and to make him head for the weapon room. The soldiers replied with a salute and quickly headed off, only to be cut down as soon as the doors opened.
Three Draken Stalkers appeared, baring their sharp teeth as they grinned with pleasure. The remaining four soldiers readied their arms in an instant and they managed to shoot down one of the Stalkers, but the other two vanished from sight. Dinorella quickly cast her shielding and boosting powers over anyone alive in the room, and noticed the two guards whom were just cut down to still be alive, as they too were affected by her spells.
“Take care of my men, cap’n! We’ll manage the Stalkers.”, the commander said to Dinorella, who nodded and scurried off only to bump into an invisible figure. A Stalker appeared, baring her retractable claws, ready to strike, but Dinorella was swifter. She summoned a Gheist which immediately assaulted its target, leaving the Stalker in confusion. Dinorella summoned an arsenal of spectral blades and skewered her assaulter to the floor.
With her Gheist in tow, she quickly healed the first soldier, his life nearly slipping away. Meanwhile, she cast a spell on the other, more healthier looking, soldier which should restore his health over a small time.
Her Gheist screeched out of pain as a pair of retractable blades pierced its body, the last Stalker poised to strike. The four soldiers responded with gunfire, but none of the shots hit. The Stalker advanced on Dinorella, and just as it was about to strike, her shield faded and then vanished, leaving Dinorella defenceless.

“Eat this!” Bunsed shouted as he unleashed another volley from his gun. The Chua were numerous, but easy targets as they stuck together like a huge furball. It had been over half an hour now, and he was getting tired, his gun nearly overheating at times from the amount of shots he had to fire.
There seemed to be no end to the Chua invasion, but he had managed to keep them at bay all by himself, a miracle if he’d survive it in the end. He heard Dinorella call for him through the intercom, but was unable to answer.
“Gah! Blast!” His gun reached its maximum, overheating and singing Bunsed’s hands. “Time for plan B.”
Bunsed pulled a small remote out of his jacket and pressed all the buttons. Out of a nearby closet, an exo-suit jumped and wrapped itself around Bunsed, also supplying him with two more guns in the process.
Renewed and with improved resolve, Bunsed marched into the oncoming Chua, pushing them out of the engine room. At that same time screams could be heard from the back of the assaulting Chua line.
“Showtime!”, Bunsed shouted as he advanced, confusing the Chua as to what was happening. The screams intensified in the back as it became apparent what was happening: bots, summoned by Bunsed, wreaked havoc amongst the assaulters of the engine room.

“Deploy V-0L471L3 Serum, now!” The Doctor ordered, and his assistants obeyed. He looked intently at the oncomming Chua while a vial of the serum arched towards them and exploded, erupted? The Doctor didn’t care how it happened, all he cared for what happened.
Coughing erupted from the dustcloud the vial left, and the coughing slowly turned into pained moans and an all too familiar word to the Mordesh.
“Am I hearing this right, doctor?” an assistant asked, “Are they truly saying.. ‘Brains’?”
The Doctor did not answer. He was merely staring at the dustcloud as it slowly dissipated. Squinting, he tried to focus on a twitching form which, seemingly slowly, came towards them. The Chua caught in the blast had turned into Ravenous.
“Curses!” The Docter exclaimed with rage, “Get inside! Engage automatic defenses and assume defensive positions! And get me the captain!”

She lay there, perfectly still, serenity came over her like a soft summer breeze at the beach. It all happened so fast. Did she manage to save the soldier’s life, she wondered as she looked beside her. Yes, he stood, yelling her name as a charged round penetrated the last Stalker’s head, falling limp beside Dinorella.
The Stalker still smirked as if knowing that his mission was now complete, the Exile ship’s captain was down for the count. How she wished to see Bunsed one more time before it was all over. Her strength was quickly fading, too, making it impossible to heal herself, or at least delay the inevitable.
She felt she was picked up, and saw one of the soldiers head for the intercom and pressing the ‘Engine room’ button. Bunsed.. she thought, and everything went black.

“Ha, captain! Just the person I wanted to spea-“, Bunsed fell silent as he heard the soldier speak of the unfortunate incident that had befallen the ship’s captain. He rushed for his bots who were still cleaning up the mess from before, and ordered them to guard the engine room at all costs.
Dessemo, I have to head for Dessemo and make sure he’s safe! , Bunsed thought as he rushed through the hallways, Only he can patch her up now!
But, as Bunsed turned around the corner, a most gruesome visage displayed before him. Undead Chua trying to raid the Lab, the automatic defences hardly proving useful. Bunsed had no other choice but to pull his gun, and engage in another battle with the tiny nuisances.

“I can’t reach the captain, sir.” an assistant said to Dessemo, who gazed outside at the undead Chua horde. He was shaken when blaster fire rained down upon the Chua, eliminating a good portion of them at once. The Chua now turned their attention on their new adversary, but the Doctor could not see who it was.
“Hold your positions! I want a clear view of what’s attacking the Ravenous Chua before we mingle in the fight. Can anyone see something?”
“All I can see is an exosuit, sir.” one of Dessemo’s apprentices answered. “I think it’s.. yes, it’s Bunsed! I recognise the colorscheme!”
Dessemo stroked his chin, contemplating why Bunsed could be here, but now was not the correct time to be wondering that, a voice in his head said.
“We march! Aid Bunsed!” Dessemo exclaimed, and his assistants renewed the assault.

“Undead Chua?! Dessemo, what were you thinking?” Bunsed said to himself as he fired another round of charged bolts to the monstrosities. He had better things, more important things, to do. Dinorella was dying, and only the Doctor could help her.
Bunsed was taken by surprise as a charged round veered past his face, the unskilled marksmanship of Dessemo’s apprentices being apparent. Some Chua were hit, but most of the shots missed the tiny creatures.
“Dessemo!”, Bunsed shouted, “Watch where you’re shooting! I almost got hit in the face!”, a surprised “Sorry!” was all he could hear coming from the other side. If I’m going to do this quick, I’m going to need some of my bots.
Bunsed quickly reached for his remote and pressed two buttons to summon his bots. All he could do now was wait and fire more bolts at the Chua. Chua alone are a pain, but as undead they’re even more terrible!
He barely finished the thought when one of his bots crashed through the roof and pinned several of the Chua to the floor, crushing their bones with a loud cracking noise. This bot was followed by another, a mobile turret. It scurried towards Bunsed and set itself down to commence firing.
Blasterfire was going everywhere, and soon the Chua fell.
“Bunsed, my lad! ‘Tis good to see you!”, Doctor Dessemo said with open arms, “You’re a saviour! But what brings you here?”.
Bunsed sent his bots back to the Engine room before answering the Doctor. He looked at the latter intently and said, “The captain. She’s been gravely wounded by a Draken Stalker. She’s being brought here as we speak.”
The Docter looked shocked, “Then I’ll prepare the Med Bay for here. I’ll have my apprentices bolster our defences, should it be neccesary.”
Bunsed nodded, “I’ll look for Dessek. I heard he wasn’t in the weapon’s room yet, so I’m going to have to check the map. He wasn’t wearing his headset either.”
“Be careful, Bunsed.”, Dessemo said. And with that, Bunsed left.

“Bloody hell.” Dessek cussed under his breath, “This is too much! We’ll never overpower the Dominion if they’re this numerous.”
Dessek had a good view of how many Dominion were on the ship, or at least in the cantina. Entire regiments of Chua Engineers, Draken Stalkers and several Human Warriors, Espers and Spellslingers. Strangely enough, there were no Mechari present. “I have to go back. The weapon room needs fixin’.”
But before Dessek could turn around he saw the commander of the boarding party. “Maximus Dethro”, Dessek silently said, a clear tone of disgust in his voice.
Dessek resisted the urge to engage in combat and turned around to head for the weapons room. It’s only a few hallways further, should be there in a few minutes.. And to his surprise, the trip to the weapons room was a peaceful one, despite the shipping being full of Dominion. However, some talking and chattering coming from inside of the weapon room notified Dessek it was not as safe as he hoped.
“Chua make weapons target own ship! Make for good explosion!”,
“No, you brainless rodent! If we blow up this ship, we’ll blow ourselves up, too!”, a Cassian answered to the Chua’s chatter
“Chua don’t care. Chua only want get rid of Exiles. And make big explosions!”,
“Oh for goodness sake- Delver, help me out here!”,
“We Draken do things with honour and with fair fights. We shall not blow up this ship, Tensje!”,
“Bah!”, the Chua exclaimed, “You no fun! I go guard door.”
Dessek could hear the Chua coming closer, so he waited patiently for the right moment to snatch away the small creature. Too bad I’m out of beer. he thought, Would be fun to smash them while smashed.  The pun made Dessek chuckle a little.
“Silly Human and Draken! Me show them how Dominion SHOULD handle situations.”, Dessek immediately snapped back to attention. He could see the shadow of the Chua coming from the doorway, notifying the Granok his target was close.
Dessek looked around and found a bolt, which he threw away, and the Chua, in his anger, fell for the trap. As the small creature cussed and grumbled below his breath, Dessek struck, instantly breaking the creature’s neck with a strong blow from his sword’s hilt.
Dessek was about to sneak into the weapon’s room when the intercom went on.
“My fellow subjects of the Dominion.” It was Maximus, “My daughter has been found! All hands should return to the ship immediately.”
No! Dessek thought as the message came through. They’re going to destroy us! I MUST activate the weapon systems!
A hand on Dessek’s shoulder made him jump into a defensive stance, only to see it was Bunsed. “So,” he said, “You finally made it to the weapon’s room?”.
Dessek nodded “Yep. But there’s two Dominion inside, a Stalker and a Spellslinger. Can’t get past them. I did, however, take out a Chua Engineer.” Dessek pointed at the Chua, who lay limply beside the wall. Bunsed could only chuckle and shrug. “Good. Two more to go, then. Let’s do this; I don’t want to get caught off guard when the Dominion decide to blow us up.”
“My thoughts exactly!”, Dessek followed up.
“Let me see if I can take care of the Stalker from a distance. “ Bunsed said, and he walked to the door. A good thing it was still open, or else he would be discovered by the ‘whoosh’ noise the doors make.
Bunsed aimed, shot and.. hit! The Draken collapsed instantly and the Cassian Spellsplinger jumped into action, only to have his shots blocked by Dessek’s blade. The Spellslinger, however, would not be defeated so easily as he jumped across the room, firing shots, both at the machines and his assaulters.
“Damnit! Bunsed, he’s wrecking the room!”,
“Then use your heat-seeking missile!”, Bunsed exclaimed,
“Oh, right!”.
Dessek readied his arm-cannon and locked on to the Spellslinger, launching a heat-seeking missile.
The Spellslinger, at that moment flying through the air, never saw it coming. A small explosion followed, and where once was a Spellslinger was now a dustcloud.
The ship rocked, and the sound of engines echoed throughout the ship.
“Dessek, ready the weapons! I’m heading back to the engine room!”

Bunsed ran and ran, not knowing how much time they had. The cantina doors would have, or should have, automatically closed with the sudden loss of pressure. He had to make it in time, or else everything was doomed. The crew, the ship, the captain. His concern for the captian weighed heavily on his mind; he had to make sure she would make it. She wanted to see her friend, family, and her new home. And he would make it so.
The ship continued to rock from the Dominion vessel dismounting itself, indicating time was running out. Just a few more hallways and I can ignite the engines!. Bunsed encountered some stray Dominion troops still on the vessel, but they all seemed to ignore the Engineer. He had no time to take them out anyway, so it all worked in his advantage in some way. That is, until he reached the Engine room.
His bots lay in shambled and a Stalker was working on disabling the ship’s engine. Bunsed grew infuriated at the guts this Stalker showed, and responded by nearly emptying his gun on the Draken. He had no idea where this rage came from, but he had to get it under controll, for the ship’s sake.
Looking at the controll panel, Bunsed saw that the Stalker had not undone anything yet, so he started the ignition sequence.
Bunsed was about to radio in Dessek on his status, when the ship was struck by something powerful. No. he thought. We have to hurry!
Lost Expedition - Chapter 3: A Wildstar fanfic
Finally, after a long time, Chapter 3 has been written. Took me long enough.
Read on to see what fate befalls the Exile crew as the Dominion board their ship in an uncharted and dark place in space.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: [YOU ARE HERE]
Des-te'leth - Wallpaper by Zubaja
Des-te'leth - Wallpaper
So, I decided to create a wallpaper. It's nothing too flashy, as I am not a professional artist, though it'd be nice if a professional one could make this one flashy.

Also introducing two new planets for the Chronicles of Terrada universe:
Molda is a planet with a high tropical climate, consisting mainly out of Jungles and swamps, with hardly any mountains, crags or ravines present. Though not visible to the naked eye, 80% of the planet is covered in water, and is home to several aquatic species -sentient or non-sentient. It was first spotted by the Stargazers in 8.864 BP, and it was discovered to be habitable in 7829 BP.

Despite being further away from the twin-stars than Terrada, Ertra is a planet which consists out of deserts and small oases spread around its surface. Around the oases are lush forests, speculated to be inhabited by creatures that can not thrive in the scoching desert heat. Several mountainranges have also been spotted, and some even penetrate the atmosphere to reach out into space. 
The most peculiar thing about this planet, however, are the crags and canyons present on only one side of the planet. These crags run deep into the planet and, despite being clearly visible just like Maldava's canyons, they seem like bottomless pits.
As the title states: I'm on Youtube! After losing my job, and being stuck on my home-course assignments and waiting on responses from my teacher/people on different forums I asked for help, I decided to start my Youtube channel, under the same name as my DevArt page. Want to know what I'm going to post?
Check out my introduction here: [link]
And check out my channel here:…
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  • Playing: Golden Sun, Metro 2033, AC1, WoW, SWTOR
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'Twas the year 1990, on the 22nd day of November, when a wee lad was born. That wee lad, 'twas I.
"Lo and behold!" Many a person would exclaim, for 'twas a sight to behold. A silent baby, narry a peep, but alive and well, for my stink made my parents weep.
Youth be a cruel mistress as she tortured me on every step, I was autistic I was, narry a friend I made 'cause of it up until highschool, for then I got to go into IT.
Highschool was great and a soothing experience, for I could be myself and lose myself in the fantasies that roamed my great mind. I would program day and night, practise my skill for a complete mastery, when a woman came into my life, beautiful and a sight to behold.
Then came college, a worthy experience, which I narry failed with the chance of succes as thick as a newborn-baby's hair. The latter, speaking of, became my present. Two wee sucklings, a boy and a lass, now bring joy to my life as did my girlfriend's now enlarged.. buttocks.

Work became a reality and I was dragged into the standard drag of the working man; A 9 to 5 job is now my fate, as I silently sit here and wait.
The wee ones grow and become strong, as dad works hard to ensure a great future as was his own.

Sacrifice; You don't give something up, you merely add an obligation because you chose to. And narry does a man choose to sacrifice something if it's all for naught.

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