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Complete chaos had taken hold of Sen'jin village: The wounded were everywhere. Zubaja could not believe that this was happening now, not after the recent happenings with Deathwing's return. A sudden pain brought Zubaja back to earth and as he felt what the cause of his pain was, he found an arrow firmly lodged in his shoulder. Zubaja snarled, broke she shaft, threw it on the ground and used his healing spells to numb the pain. The arrowhead would have to wait.
A loud battlecry erupted from behind him: Two dwarves and a Human, the former being warriors and the latter a hunter, advanced upon him. No sooner had Zubaja seen them, and a swift Chain Lightning erupted from the palm of his hands, striking the Dwarves and put them in shock. Their bodies twitching, their mouths foaming. It would not last, but Zubaja bought himself some time to deal with the more dangerous adversary. Swiftly turning into a Ghost Wolf, Zubaja advanced towards the Human hunter, which swiftly sought to get away, but in vain. A Frost Shock kept him pinned, and a Lava Bolt finished him off.
The Dwarves were still twitching on the ground. Good, Zubaja thought, Dis be an easy kill. Merciful too. But before moving in, Zubaja looked around to see if he could expect any nasty surprises, but saw nothing. Any Alliance he saw was in combat with the Sen'jin defenders, and some of the Echo Isles soldiers arrived at the scene aswel. Zubaja quickly unleashed a few swift Lightning Bolts on the Dwarves and their twitching stopped. Not soon after, Sen'jin was rocked by an explosion, followed by screams of both Alliance and Horde. The Alliance had a ship with them, one that was firing its cannons on the village, regardless of who was in it.
“Zubaja!”, it was Terijaki, a novice Druid and old friend, “We need ta stop da ship! Else Sen'jin be doomed!”.
Zubaja nodded, “Ya be right, mon. But I be doin' dis alone. You stay 'ere and heal da wounded. You lack combat experience.”
Terijaki sighed, and slowly nodded in dissapointment. “Alright, friend. Good luck ta ya!”, and he ran off.
Zubaja searched for the ship, but instead found a cannonball heading directly for him. He ran to the side, in his rush forgetting he could transform into a Ghost Wolf, and got pelted by debris from the impact. He stood up, but went down again when not only the pain in his shoulder returned, but also a pain in his thigh made itself apparent. A large chunk of stone was lodged into it. At least dis be easyer ta remove den an arrow, he thought to himself. But as soon as he removed the rock, he saw the severity of this new wound. It had pierced his muscle and nearly went through his entire leg. Zubaja clamped his teeth and began a painful healing ritual, speeding up the Troll's regenerative ability and causing scar tissue to rapidly form.
Adrenaline rushed through Zubaja as he tried to keep focus and not scream. I been through worse! Dis be notin' compared ta what happed ta me in da fort! He sternly thought as he continued the healing process. He could feel it was almost finished when battle cries erupted from his right, and he saw a small group of seven Alliance march towards him. They were all close combat units, so Zubaja should be in luck. With one hand on his wound, Zubaja conjured Lightning Bolts with his other, but they barely scraped their targets, let alone hit them. Curse dis wound! I be needin' more time! A distant 'bang' made Zubaja look behind him. The Alliance ship had fired another round, and judging by the cannonball's trajectory, it would land on Zubaja's assailants. He smirked and looked directly at his attackers. One of them looked at the cannonball, was able to release a small warning, but it was too late. The impact sent some of the Alliance flying in different directions, while others simply dropped to the ground. There were no survivors.
Zubaja sighed in relief and continued his healing. It hurt less now, as the wound slowly closed.
“Get on ya feet, mon!” someone yelled at him from behind, “We be needin' Water Walkin' from ya, brotha!”. Zubaja was stumped at the last word. Only one person called him brotha in such a fashion. He quickly turned around.
“Arjin!” he shouted, “You be back!”. Arjin stretched a hand towards Zubaja who was then lifted to his feet. Zubaja hugged his brother, saying “I be glad ya be 'ere, mon! All hell be breakin' loose! Dem Alliance suddenly charged at us from de canyon!”
Arjin nodded and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. “We know, mon. I brought ma allies wit' me. Dey be takin' care of da canyon. I be needin' you're 'elp and dat of Terijaki to take out da ship. 'ave you seen 'im?”
Zubaja nodded and pointed towards the village “I sent him ta Sen'jin ta help heal da wounded.”
“Good. “ Arjin responded with a smile. “He be a grand healer. Maybe even grander den you be!”
Zubaja let out a loud chuckle and patted his brother's shoulder. “I will be getting' him, brotha. You take care of tings 'ere.”
Zubaja had not finished that sentence when a loud bang erupted from the Alliance ship. A cannonball was headed straight for Sen'jin Village and hit the ground in the village's square. Both Zubaja and Arjin did not hesitate to run to the village's aid, but as soon as they arrived they had no idea the damage would be this severe. The Trolls were clearly outnumbered as Alliance forces from the canyon came rushing into the village after the impact. Arjin rushed to the aid of a few fleeing villagers by charging into an Archer, leaping towards the two footsoldiers chasing the villagers and pinning them down with a mighty shockwave. Zubaja let out an Earth Shock and a Lightning bolt for the pinned-down archer, who then succumbed to an overload of electric-energy coarsing through his body, and then turned to aid his brother, but Arajin had already dispatched the footsoldiers and was talking to the villagers, pointing them in the direction of Razor Hill to which they quickly headed.
“Brotha!”, Zubaja shouted, “Dat ship need ta be going down! It be firing on de Echo Isles too, now!”,
“Den find Terijaki in dis mess! I be headin' towards da ship ahead, den!” Arjin responded as he rushed off.
Zubaja felt uncertain. Was his brother going to make it on his own? Why were there still so many Alliance if his companions were supressing the tide in the canyon? And was Terijaki even alive? There was only one way to find out: Find Terijaki, aid Arjin and then head to the canyon.
Zubaja entered the town-hall which was, much to his surprise, still intact. Wounded soldiers and villagers were here, but so were healers. If Terijaki could be anywhere, It would be here. Zubaja approached a Priest and asked for his cousin.
“I be sorry, Shaman. Dere be no Druid 'ere. I believe 'e was outside, near de southern edge of da village.” Zubaja sighed. The southern edge was the least hit area so far. Bowing before the Priest, Zubaja set off towards the south. While heading in that direction, he caught a glimpse of a struggle near the canyon-entrance. There he saw them: four of the legendary five.  Nargast was busy taking care of stragglers, but there were too many. Shindaya kept to the back as she healed her allies.Fleyag assisted in healing while also doing some ranged damage together with Ruskal, whom was busy trapping the canyon-entrance and trying to keep the Alliance at bay with Fluffy, his trusted Dinosaur from Un'goro. He also saw Terijaki trying to fend off an Alliance footman, but without succes. He looked weary and wounded.
Zubaja quickly went into Ghost Wolf form and rushed to his cousin's aid, barely making it in time. Terijaki was in a worse condition than glanced at first sight. He had a slash across his right eye, a broken tusk, missing teeth, and his staff -the pride of a Druid, was shattered.
“Let me heal ya.” Zubaja said to Terijaki, who sat silently on the ground, not uttering a word. All he did was blindly stare towards the horizon. His mind be lost. He not be of age yet. I should'a sent him back ta de Echo Isles, not to da battle, Zubaja thought as he continued healing his cousin.
“Zubaja?” Terijaki suddenly said. “What happened? Everyting went so fast. Is dis how it feels to fight in a war? I wonder 'ow Arajin felt during his first fight.”
Zubaja always wondered that himself. In fact, this was Zubaja's first fight too. Was he steeled by that moment in the keep? He shook his head to get rid of the thought. Now was not the time to be thinking about these things; Terijaki had to be healed, and quick.
“Terijaki, “ Zubaja said, “Ya be needed by Arajin. So am I. We be helpin' him take down da ship. Are you up for it?”,
Terijaki looked at Zubaja with shining eyes. “Arajin.. wants me.. to help?”
Zubaja nodded. “Yes. He be havin' faith in ya. And so do I!”
To those last words Terijaki, with renewed vigor -and some help from Zubaja's healing, leaped to his feet and cast a spell to repair his staff. “Den we should be goin'!” and he transformed into his Cat form. Zubaja followed suit with a transformation and they both went off towards the ship to aid Arajin.
An unlikely alliance - Zubaja's story Ch.3
Looky here! A new chapter for my fanfiction. Took me long enough, didn't it?

Enjoy the read!

[Ch1]<An unlikely alliance - Zubaja's story Ch.1>
[Ch2]<An unlikely alliance - Zubaja's story Ch.2>
[Ch3]<You are here>
Des te leth NEW by Zubaja
Des te leth NEW
So, after posting Desorelia ( <da:thumb id="492759137"> ), I decided to re-do Des-te'leth in a same style, and give some of the planets a little overhaul as per their official description. 
Print will be available to those who'd like to have it. And, as per mandatory, the descriptions of each stellar-body present in this image:

Verra is the small, green star orbiting Delenta. Its gravitational pull is what keeps the planets of the system in balance, and also causes seasonal changes on many planets in the system when it passes in front of its larger sister.

The larger, yellow-orangish star is the source of warmth in the system. It sits idle, spinning around its own axis and in orbit of the Galaxy's center-point.

Menas-Terth is the closest planet to Delenta and sometimes experiences an orbital-bump when Verra passes by. The planet was first discovered when the use of the first telescope was more widely appreciated and more elves started gazing at the stars. It wasn’t until the dwarves started gazing that the mineral properties were also discovered.

The second-closest planet to Delenta. It looks much like a twin to Menas-Terth other than that this planet isn’t nearly smooth-surfaced and actually has canyons and mountains.
The minerals that are present on this planet are even rarer than on Menas-Terth and are also more in the open; as in that they jut out of the ground and mountains as if they’re plants. Very big plants.

The first of three habitable planets present in the system and also the biggest. Terrada has the biggest diversity both in species and how the planet is divided into land, ocean, ice, mountains etc.
Its most prominent feature has to be a unique ring around it with 5 moons, of which one is a Gas Dwarf; the complete opposite of a Gas Giant. The planet has a rich history known by its four most prominent races; sadly also a history of war, pain and disaster.
To this day only one continent has ever been discovered, for every ocean-venture never returned. Who knows what else the planet holds?

The second habitable planet in the system. Not much is known about its flora or fauna, other than that the entire planet is nearly covered in jungles, swamps and a small mountain-range.

The third habitable planet in the system. Most of the planet is covered in sand, small oases and even a small ocean.
Hardly any mountains exist on the planet but canyons are abundant, making the planet look as if it has been severely scarred.

Desorelia by Zubaja
It's been a while, and I thought I'd post some art again. I've been practicing with some new Paint.NET plugins and some other techniques.
But, here's the planet's specifics.

It's main feature is its large ocean and small, rocky and arid landmasses. However, some regions of green exist, though mainly plains and small forests. The only lifeforms thus-far discovered have been insects, somewhat ten times the size of what you would see on earth; this has to do with the enormous amount of oxygen present on the planet. It's too much for humans to breathe directly, which is why we have to filter it if we're to survive on this planet.
The diameter of the planet is roughly twice that of the Earth, between 25.000 km and 27.500 km, and the skies are so clear, you can sometimes see outer-space through it.
Desorelia has no moons or other smaller satelites orbiting it, keeping the oceans in permanent equilibrium; it knows no tides and the oceans and seas are flat, so to speak. The planet also has extreme wather phenomenon; think tornadoes and hurricanes that make the ones during hurricane/tornado season on Earth seem like nothing.
As the title states: I'm on Youtube! After losing my job, and being stuck on my home-course assignments and waiting on responses from my teacher/people on different forums I asked for help, I decided to start my Youtube channel, under the same name as my DevArt page. Want to know what I'm going to post?
Check out my introduction here: [link]
And check out my channel here:…
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So I finally gathered the courage to tell my boss I'm going to be looking for different work. I just feel.. out of place at my current workspace; programming software for logistics isn't my cup of tea, nor is programming in Delphi 2010/XE6.
I have decided to go to night school for web-development. Think HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress and even a PHP-Masterclass to get my Mastersdegree. Meanwhile, I'm going to be working on my Android-course, lay low and let C# and .NET wait, as I am not sure if I can combine home courses and night school, because I get stressed out very quickly (another con of the.. syndrome, I have).
I will also be able to return to writing when I go for a night school, as it means more free time when I'm home.

Wish me luck!
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As the title states: I'm on Youtube! After losing my job, and being stuck on my home-course assignments and waiting on responses from my teacher/people on different forums I asked for help, I decided to start my Youtube channel, under the same name as my DevArt page. Want to know what I'm going to post?
Check out my introduction here: [link]
And check out my channel here:…
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: Game of Thrones , Book 1
  • Watching: Fairy Tail S2; SAO II, Lost S2 (Netflix)
  • Playing: Golden Sun, Metro 2033, AC1, WoW, SWTOR
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Zubaja's Profile Picture
'Twas the year 1990, on the 22nd day of November, when a wee lad was born. That wee lad, 'twas I.
"Lo and behold!" Many a person would exclaim, for 'twas a sight to behold. A silent baby, narry a peep, but alive and well, for my stink made my parents weep.
Youth be a cruel mistress as she tortured me on every step, I was autistic I was, narry a friend I made 'cause of it up until highschool, for then I got to go into IT.
Highschool was great and a soothing experience, for I could be myself and lose myself in the fantasies that roamed my great mind. I would program day and night, practise my skill for a complete mastery, when a woman came into my life, beautiful and a sight to behold.
Then came college, a worthy experience, which I narry failed with the chance of succes as thick as a newborn-baby's hair. The latter, speaking of, became my present. Two wee sucklings, a boy and a lass, now bring joy to my life as did my girlfriend's now enlarged.. buttocks.

Work became a reality and I was dragged into the standard drag of the working man; A 9 to 5 job is now my fate, as I silently sit here and wait.
The wee ones grow and become strong, as dad works hard to ensure a great future as was his own.

Sacrifice; You don't give something up, you merely add an obligation because you chose to. And narry does a man choose to sacrifice something if it's all for naught.

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